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Unlimited money to spend. Spell cool down is now half as long.

Kingdom Rush Hacked game

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Kingdom Rush Hacked – Well, if it isn’t Kingdom Rush but upgraded to the absolute maximum

Right Here, Right Now

If you find the demands of the 9-5 routine simply too consumptive of your time, so much so that you can’t even enjoy yourself a bit of Kingdom Rush without having to quit half way through because things are simply taking too long, then it could very well be the case that you need to get some hacks in your life. I’m talking about Kingdom Rush Hacked, of course, a version of the original Kingdom Rush that has been devilishly and deviously hacked (with the full awareness of developer Ironhide) to provide you with some advantages over the non-hacked version that allow you to laugh in the face of performance-based progression and simply buy whatever the hell tower that you fancy at any one time (providing you have unlocked them, of course). It’s a time-constrained Kingdom Rush fan’s dream, and it’s available to play right here, right now, right here, right now: repeat ad nauseum.

It’s Rush, Exactly as We Know It

You won’t find that the original Kingdom Rush experience has been tampered with in any way that takes away from its brilliance. You have your four base tower types: archers, artillery, magic, and barracks, which provide you with the capability of defending you kingdom against the waves of attackers that seem determined to make their way across the path on screen towards the gate and beyond, diminishing your lives as they do and making you lose the match if they reach zero. You’ll encounter many different enemies such as trolls, spider matriarchs, orcs, and a variety of boss-like foes that will challenge your tower building, tower placement, and upgrade prioritisation skills to the limit. You’ll get to experience the eight different tower upgrade paths such as Rangers Hideouts and Musketeer garrisons for the archer towers, and Arcane Wizard or Sorcerer Mage for the magic towers. It’s all as deliciously juicy and succulent as the non-hacked version, only with a few tantalising tweaks for your own amusement, pleasure, and eventual success.

Rush of Excitement

Having played through the original Kingdom Rush and sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers without any hacks whatsoever, I can safely say that they are extremely fun, yet extremely challenging and they require quite a bit of time and effort put into them to be beaten and to attain all of the upgrades necessary to prosper. Luckily, we have a few hacks to help us out with this usually time consuming process of earning enough money to upgrade our towers within each level. I leave you wonderful people with the information that you truly want to know, which is the nature of the hacks in the game:

  • All Purchase Add Cash: Every time you buy an upgrade, you are flooded with more cash so that you can build yet more upgrades to your towers. This is one of those spirals of construction rather than destruction, allowing you to build as many towers as you like and upgrade them as far as they can be upgraded in that particular level.
  • No Specials Cooldown: Your special moves like reinforcements and rain of fire usually take a little while to cool down before you can use them again: having no cooling down period means that you can use these specials again and again to your advantage
  • 1 Second Hero Cooldown: That’s right, it’s exactly as it sounds, allowing you to use your heroes more frequently than if you had to wait for the cool down to run its time.