Kingdom Rush Frontiers Walkthrough

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Walkthrough

A Rush With Excitement

So you’ve decided to turn your whole life around and make it better with Kingdom Rush: Frontiers; congratulations, good for you, happy days, and I wish you a prosperous tower defense experience. By visiting this page, you have both acknowledged that Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is an incredible game, and have also realised that it can pose quite a challenge to your strategic thinking lobe of your brain, which I am sure only exists in my imagination, but couldn’t me more real within the confines of this guide. The difficulty in completing this game has led me to put down in an ordered arrangement of carefully-selected letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs organise with competent punctuation and slightly above-average spelling a guide to the game. Some general (and hopefully helpful) tips lay beneath, and beneath that, a slightly more detailed look at the levels. I should hope this guide finds its way to you and helps you out in some way.

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

As a Kingdom Rush: Frontiers fan, you are already a winner in my eyes for liking one of the most likeable and what is by far the best tower defense game in existence, if not the most superior game to ever hit the mobile device market. Now, since you hold winner status, I’m not going to insult you by suggesting that you don’t know this already, but my god if I could only state one fact about Kingdom Rush: Frontiers (and Kingdom Rush in general) it is that your success in each level is hugely dependent on your choice of upgrades. This is fairly true during the level, but more so with your star-based upgrades between the levels. In fact, I was recently stuck on Crimson Valley much to my frustration, but after watching a few instruca-vids online I had a reshuffle of my upgrade stars, a slight rethink of my tower positioning strategy, and I dominated the level first time. My upgrade tendencies at the points of Crimson Valley are shown below.

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough upgrades

This fact can never be stated too often in my opinion, but there’s no point – at least in the early stages of the game anyway – trying to spread your upgrade stars evenly throughout the six areas; there simply aren’t enough available stars to make this method worthwhile, so go ahead and concentrate on upgrading a few areas liberally instead of all areas sparingly. Perhaps later in the game when you have more stars to play around with you can concentrate on bolstering all facets of your offense equally, but until then, have a shuffle around of your stars and upgrade the towers that you will mainly be using in each level. This may sound like common sense, but your upgrade choices can turn a level around for you in an instant.

Archers Above All

 This is another piece of guaranteed-success gold (not a guarantee) or at least strategic silver, and that is not to underestimate the power and usefulness of the Archers Towers during the game. In comparison with the rest of the towers, archers are an all-round powerhouse that are essential in your offense, and you should use large quantities of them during most, if not all of the levels. Their versatility is unquestionable, particularly when upgrading to the axethrowers or crossbow fort because they deal incredible normal-type damage and are extremely useful against magic-resistant enemies, not to mention having a ridiculously large attack range when boosted with the falconer upgrade. A few heavily-upgraded archer towers can make light work of most kinds of enemy, and best of all, they’re the cheapest to build as well.


I won’t bang on about positioning because almost all guides will try to spoon-feed you basic facts like these - take this Gamezbo guide for example, which has the audacity to call its stating of the ridiculously obvious a walkthrough – but tower positioning is second only to choice of tower and ‘tween-level upgrades in strategic importance. You’ll want to create at least one or two choke points in a level where you can slow enemy forces and decimate them (or at least damage them heavily) with archers and maybe an artillery tower as well. Artillery towers obviously work best against large groups of enemies, and where are you most likely to find these? Well, being held up by the troops of your barracks towers, of course! Don’t go mad with these, but don’t undervalue the effectiveness of a few knights templars or assassins, particularly since the latter can steal a substantially inflated quantity of gold for you, allowing you to afford upgrades for your other towers sooner.


You already know about the abilities, I’m sure, but Rain of Fire and the Additional Troops ability can help you get out of a tight squeeze once in a while. A fully-upgraded meteor strike can prevent a horde of evil scum from advancing past the dreaded blue flag position, and will damage enemies at other random points on the path as well. The ability to summon reinforcements is one of the most useful peripheral helpers in the game since these troops can quickly block the passage of one or two annoying enemies that may manage to slip past one of your barracks towers, plus it has a very short cooldown time and can therefore be used very frequently.

Towers Now, Upgrades Later

This particular point is the kind of knowledge that you don’t really possess until you either realise it for yourself after many failed attempts at a level, or until you are told by someone else on the internet. It seems counter-intuitive in a game that likes to inform you that “the new Knights Templar upgrade is now available” and that essentially tells you to “look at the shiny new expensive towers you can buy” that you should perhaps hold off on upgrading your towers to the max immediately.  These upgrades have their place, don’t get me wrong, but at the beginning of most levels you just can’t beat good old fashioned victory in numbers. What I mean is concentrating on simply building your basic-level towers in higher number instead of just spending your opening budget instantly on buying an artillery tower and upgrading it to the DWAARP.

At the outset of most levels, I tend to buy a large number of archers towers (having upgraded them substantially with stars in between levels) and a few barracks, perhaps a mage tower if I feel adventurous. You’d be silly not to upgrade them of course, but ensure that you have a good quantity of towers first before you go on to concentrate on upgrading them. Usually, the point of heavy upgrading only comes once the money starts flooding in and you have almost too much to know what to spend it on, so get some numbers on the ground first before you go building and upgrading a single Archmage Tower that simply won’t provide enough blanket coverage to deal with the increasing quantity of enemies trying to push past.

General Levels Runthrough

Enough of the generalisations about broad-spectrum strategy and tips that barely scratch the surface; it’s time for some specifics. Since Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is identical to the original in terms of the numerous different strategies that can be employed in winning each round, I’m not going to preach that the guide below is absolute. In fact, this guide is anything but, since Kingdom Rush strategy in general is very personal, with some preferring to favour mages over arches, and heavy use of barracks towers as opposed to high numbers of archers. Since there are four tower types and eight final tower eventualities, there is no way to cover every single strategy, so the “guide” below is simply how I managed to beat the level on normal mode.

Level 1: Hammerhold

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough hammerhold

An unbelievably simple level .The circular shape is perfect for defense: simply place a few archer towers covering the top and bottom, supplement with a few mage towers and maybe a barracks one if enemies start getting through. It’s just a few desert thugs and dune raiders here. You can use your hero after a few rounds as well as reinforcements and rain of fire, though this shouldn’t really be necessary.

Level 2: Sandhawk Hamlet

Here we have two entrance points and 8 waves; towers can now be upgraded to level 2. This is another simple one that can be dominated by building mainly archer towers at the point where the two paths converge with the north-bound one. I found 4 archers towers, two either side of this one and supplementation with mage towers did the trick. I ended building two barracks between the archers and the exit gate as well in order to stop the waves of wolves that come in later.

Level 3: Sape Oasis

Level 3 towers available. I make it a point to spend my stars on getting upgrades to my rain of fire first and then my archers. Two entrance points on this one, one exit point in the west. The best tactic is to get a mixture of archers and mage towers covering both paths, with the best location being the four build points in the centre of the letter C shape made by the two paths. Archers are a priority, mages to supplement, and barracks in the centre of it all if you wish.  Upgrade your archers towers when you can, but make sure to lay down the foundations by having more low-level ones at the start instead of underestimating how many you need. Don’t forget to use reinforcements and rain of fire in a pinch.


Level 4: Dunes of Despair

Two entrances, one exit in the north. The middle sections of the S-like shape make good build points, and don’t forget to cover the southwest as well. Use archer towers like mad, mage towers supplementing, and at least one barracks in the central to make a choke point, though 2 is safer. Crossbow fort upgrades are very useful, and level 3 mage towers are extremely helpful here also.

Level 5: Buccaneer’s Den

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough buccaneers den

Two exit points in the south, one entrance in the north, and another one that gets carved out by an executioner just north of the larger rock on the right side of the screen. Ensure plenty of archers in the central reservation, with a mage tower or two on the left and right sides; reserve the northernmost spot in the central reservation for an artillery tower which will later become a DWAARP and devastate the enemy. A barracks tower becomes necessary on each path, particularly on the rightmost build point because of the path that opens up there later. Frequent use of reinforcements and rain of fire when you can will make things easier.

Level 6: Nazeru’s Gates

Look at the shape in the middle that looks like a dolphin’s tail (or the tail of many sea-dwelling creatures): this is where you will concentrate your initial building. Archers towers are a must and also mage towers (later to become archmages which are now available). Barracks are important as well; these should be placed strategically on the left entrances and one at the right. Your towers should be assassins, archmages, and crossbow forts as soon as you can. Artillery towers are also useful on this one: a well-placed DWAARP can really help you out.

Level 7: Crimson Valley

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough crimson valley

This one eventually works its way up to four points of enemy entry. My placement in the central section was like this, in descending order: three archers towers, one mage tower, one more archer tower. Barracks are important here as well, needed to cover the point where the left paths converge and also where the right paths meet. If you have a decent number of crossbow forts and a few archmage towers, you’ll have no problem

Level 8: Snapevine Bridge

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough snapevine bridge

Archers concentrated in the central part covering the top and bottom paths is a good starting point. A barracks tower each to cover the north and south paths is also necessary. Artillery towers here are essential: I built mine on one of the two build points closest to the exit. Upgrade to crossbow forts for the majority of your archers, and an axethrower building can be useful towards the exit. Upgrade barracks to knights templars. No problems should arise here.

Level 9: Lost Jungle

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough lost jungle

Crossbow forts are important to over the central area and a barracks tower is useful at the southernmost build point. Necromancer towers here will stall your enemies quite nicely so be sure to start with archers and mages in good number, upgrading when you can. Fast spiders exit from the purple-glowing building so be wary of these. A DWAARP can help if positioned where enemies collect.

Level 10: Ma’qwa Urqu

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough maqwa urqu

Be wary of the volcano in the middle; if the evil man gets the princess into the lava then it will spit out explosive rocks that damage you quite substantially. Archers are necessary in the central build points, with necromancer towers being incredibly useful on the bend of each path as they converge into the centre. Barracks towers are also useful: one by the exit, and one covering south if you fancy. Necromancers are great for blocking here, and the Battle Mecha T-200 can be handy with its stinger missiles.

Level  11: Temple of Saqra

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough temple of saqra

This one has a boss at the end. Archers towers are required on the northeast and northwest protrusions, with an artillery tower at the tip of each as well. Barracks are required towards the bottom of each path, and mage towers are also very effective. Upgrading so that you eventually have two DWAARPs, load of crossbow forts, some necromancers, and some archmage towers will secure you victory. Barracks should become Knights Templars, but Assassins are good a stealing you large amounts of gold.

Level 12: The Underpass

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough the underpass

4 entrance points here, and one exit gate on the west. The enemies down here tend to be quite fast and evasive but have limited health. Archers are essential around the level, as are mages to help them out. Necromancer towers and archmages will form part of your powerful offense later on, with necromancers being more for stopping enemies. See the picture for positioning.

Level 13: Beresad’s Lair

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough beresads lair

Use barracks towards the exits here, though concentrate on getting archers in the central convergence of paths, building outwards from there. Archmage towers will benefit you here, and a necromancer tower towards the centre is helpful.  I build a battle mecha on the left-most of the building points on the right.

Level 14: The Dark Descent

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough the dark descent

You have some pre-existing towers covering the south path towards the exit, but pop a bombard and archer tower by them to give them some help. Crossbow forts should eventually be covering the north path, with an artillery tower up there as well. Enemies love to crawl up from the depths in the centre and the walls to the north as well (listen out for the comical Wilhelm Scream when they bite the dust). A battle mecha on each path will go down well, and with crossbow forts/archmage towers being your focus, you’ll have no troubles. Barracks towers help on the top path if you are having a little bother with enemies getting through. Don’t forget to utilise your fully-upgraded rain of fire and reinforcements as well.

Level 15: Emberspike Depths

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough emberspike depths

The final level’s waves should be no problem, though the boss is really difficult. I stationed 4 archers around the central point of convergence, building outwards from that point. Crossbow towers were instrumental in my victory, as were barracks towers towards each exit, a few archmages, and two battle mechas towards the southwest and southeast exits.

If you have a good number of crossbow forts, two battle mechas, and as many archmage towers as you an afford, then the boss should be problem. He flies around a bit, gets damaged, releases smaller enemies, returns to his resting position and seems to always have more health than you think. He begins destroying your towers at the end, so ensure that you have a large number of powerful towers to begin with. Archmages, Battle Mechas, Crossbow Forts, and barracks towards the bottom to stop any stragglers since you will not be able to afford to re-build your defences up to full power with the little money you will have towards the end.