Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked

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Hackbar: Press 3 Lives - 4 Gold - 5 Toggle specials - 6 Kill enemies - 7 Hero points - Links give more stars

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The Heroes in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

With the release of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers being less than a week away, the collective anticipation for its arrival has been building amongst fans who simply cannot wait even another day for the sequel to finally drop. Of course, the game is going to possess a number of updated and upgraded features such as entirely new final tower upgrades like the necromancer tower, the knights templar, and the crossbow fort. Creating equally as much hype are the new heroes, the system of which has been transformed to now include the ability to upgrade them as you proceed through the game; information about four of these heroes has been released already. The first three have become common knowledge amongst Kingdom Rush: Frontiers fans and anticipators: these will be Mirage the Assassin, Cronan the Beastmaster, and Alric the Warrior. More recently, developer Ironhide has also released some information about a fourth hero named Captain Blackthorne, or ‘Captain Blackthorne the Corsair’ as his full salutation.

Kicking off with the most recent discovery, Captain Blackthorne is a stereotypical pirate in appearance, and his abilities also reflect much of the qualities that your traditional pirate-based caricature would have. As well as skills of ‘swordsmanship’ and ‘toughness’ that increase his attack and his HP respectively, Blackthorne will also possess the passive ‘looting’ skill that means he acquires increased percentages of gold from deceased enemies; ‘Rum and Bang’ is a skill that deals explosive damage to foes, and ‘Release the Kraken’ does exactly that, causing enemies to become trapped and others to be slowed considerably.

Alric the Warrior - in spite of the fact we have known about him for some time –is going to possess some handy skills such as swordsmanship, better armour, and toughness, which increases damage, armour, and hero life correspondingly. He also has a flurry manoeuvre that strikes opponents 4,6, or 8 times in succession. He can also summon sand warriors in addition to his other skills; these warriors temporarily aid him in battle.

Cronan the Beastmaster looks to be a little heftier than Tarzan, with his skills being heavy on the attacking front. His only non-damaging skill is regeneration that allows him to recuperate HP every second. He also has boarmaster, stampede, and falcon skills that allow him to summon the power of nature, making boards, rhinos, and falcons do his attacking for him. He also has ‘deep lashes’ that deals both initial and lasting damage to the enemy.

Mirage the Assassin is a light-footed yet deadly assassin whose skills are more subtle than Cronan’s or Alric’s abilities. Shadow Dodge is an ability that allows Mirage the chance to evade attacks; Swiftness increases her speed; Precision improves her accuracy in ranged attacks. Her attacking manoeuvres are Shadow Dance, which summons several copies of herself to attack enemies, and Lethal Strike deals massive damage to enemies by stabbing them in that back.