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June 6th...

Whether you choose lo it or behold it, or whether you lo and behold in quick succession as is the traditional way, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers has finally got a solid release date, and I almost needed to grab a change of clothing for my lower half when I saw that it is June 6th that is the big day. It’s like my birthday has actually come early (it’s actually on the 24th; Ironhide just couldn’t make it coincide with my birthing day, could they). Anyway, the selfishness of the developers of the game in not acknowledging my big day not withstanding, we’ve actually been given a sneaky preview of another hero that will feature in the game;  and by we, I mean the internet; and by preview, I mean enough information about it to evaluate its potential worth to our prospective Kingdom Rush: Frontiers adventure. The game is but a week away, but the latest information on the final hero is just below: which amount of time do you prefer? Immediately or a week from now? If you chose the latter, you have either already read about this latest hero or you do not understand the construct of time. Either way, it’s there for your perusal. See? Just right there.

Captain Blackthorne the Corsair

The blurb about this particular sea-faring character is written almost entirely in pirate-speak, but it can be inferred from this that he is essentially a pirate (he looks like the CEO of all pirates in all of the world such is the stereotypical nature of his appearance) that is quite fond of some heavy plundering and general pirating all day long. His skills are listed below, and assume they are passive unless otherwise stated.


  • Swordsmanship: Increases his attack damage.
  • Looting: You can’t get the pirate position if you don’t have looting on your CV; Blackthorne will swipe an extra ten, twenty, or 30 percent of gold from your enemies.
  • Toughness : Essentially just a HP increase
  • Rum and Bang! (Active): Throws an explosive keg of what is probably some poor-quality rum to deal damage to surrounding enemies
  • Release the Kraken (Active): Literally releases a kraken that has the capability of capturing enemies while slowing others by 25, 50, or 75%. 


More Information

In all honesty, there isn’t all that much supplemental information about this hero, but we know that he’s going to cost $2.99 on iOS. I’m sorry that the only extra news I can give you will potentially cost you real money, but that’s just the way it is, now who’ll join me in holding their breath for June 6th? Anyone? Ok, I’ll die alone and stupid, then. 

A full guide to Blackthorne the Corsair will appear here once Kingdom Rush Frontiers has been released.