Incursion 2 Game

Incursion 2 - An heroic imagining of the classic tower defense format with a taste of mild fantasy


Incursion: a hostile entrance to into or an invasion of a place or territory, particularly in reference to a sudden one; a running in. Ok, so we have the definition, and it seems to denote that we have ourselves a hostile enemy, and because the words ‘tower’ and ‘defense’ have been standing side by side in a few previous sentences like little word-friends flirting in a ‘will they, won’t they’ kind of fashion, we can safely assume that they indeed will and that therefore we have ourselves a tower defense title on our hands. I’m not even going to regurgitate the meaning of ‘entertaining’ because firstly, this isn’t dictionary hour, and secondly, Incursion 2 is the very definition of the word, combining tower defense and fantasy in a manner not seen since Kingdom Rush while improving on the original in terms of both gameplay and graphics. It may have been a tall order, but booblyc stands taller and have churned out this cracker in what seems like a few minutes after the release of the original.


To Arms!

Incursion 2’s gameplay has elements of classic tower defense with a few variations that make the action a little more detailed. You must position different units along the road by training them in the designated barracks buildings that litter its perimeter. Archers, Sorcerers, and soldiers can be summoned, providing long-range fire, magic, and melee attacking capability respectively. The game involves you a little more closely in the encounters with the enemy take place on a 1 vs. 1 basis, with each type of deployed troop having a health bar; they can die, but they are regenerated not long after their death with no additional punishment or consequence.

Friend and Foe

The types of enemy you encounter vary from standard ‘traitor’ soldiers, to dark militia soldiers and Vikings, and eventually magic-wielding foes and enemies with boss-like strength. Each enemy is vulnerable to different types of attack, with some heavily-armoured foes being resistant to regular archers attacks, but falling victim to a weakness against magic attacks.

Your basic troops can be upgraded in order to improve their performance such as their power, health, and various properties. You also have a main hero character whose magic can be upgraded after each round in ‘magic school’, which increases his usefulness as you progress.

Somewhat Stylish

The game allows you more control over the actions of your troops than the original, with your hero being allowed to roam anywhere in the level and not be bound by the restricted area of the barracks. The inclusion of a fast forward button to speed up the action is a feature that should have been in Kingdom Rush but wasn’t. It allows you to skip quite a lot of frustration and simply accelerate the action should you be bored of waiting for what you may feel is an inevitable outcome; in this respect, Incursion 2 beats out its Ironhide competitor.

The graphics aren’t quite as impressive as Kingdom Rush, but are more on the charming site of things, causing more of an ‘awww’ of adorableness than an utterance or gasp of pure amazement. Though the animations are detailed and work has clearly gone into such detail, the game looks and feels more like a standard flash game with lots of smooth textures which fail to create the sense of the past that Kingdom Rush achieves. A fantastic game with some addictive features and probably the only game capable of going head to head with Kingdom Rush in a battle for the greatest tower defense title known to man.